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How much will the installation cost me?
If you get in touch with us then we can make an arrangement to visit the installation site and discuss your needs. The price will be based upon the size of the area to be covered, the variety of artificial grass that you choose, whether you require an underlay and other possible features you require to be integrated.
Is artificial grass safe for my children and pets?
Absolutely. An artificial grass lawn provides a very safe, clean environment for both children and pets.
What about maintenance?

Artificial grass turf requires very little maintenance, certainly no mowing, no feeding etc but it will benefit from an occasional sweep with a stiff brush. We will provide you with a maintenance guide on completion of the installation to help you keep your new lawn looking it’s best.

How long will the artificial grass last?

The artificial grass, with regular low-maintenance could last in the region of twenty years dependant on the volume of traffic in the area.

Will my new lawn fade?

Our products are UV stabilised to comply with quality standards BIN53387 and carry a manufacturer UV guaranteeĀ for upĀ to 10 years dependant on the artificial grass chosen.

Can it be laid on hard surfaces?
Yes it can be layed onto decking and concrete. It is a great way of softening a hard, harsh environment. Get in touch with us for more on this subject.
Can it be laid on a sloping surface?

Yes the artificial grass can be installed on sloping surfaces. It can even be applied vertically to a wall. Looks very cool!

Can moles damage the artificial grass?

If you make us aware of any problematic wildlife issues such as moles prior to any proposal for works and thus completion of an installation then we can put in place additional preventative measures and amend the installation processes accordingly.

Can you carry out landscaping work along with the installation?

Yes we have the necessary skills to carry out any landscaping work that you may require.

Can Japanese Knotweed damage the instalation?

Japanese Knotweed, a lush green stem that is bamboo like in appearance can grow 10cm in a day or up to a metre in a month and can cause heave beneath aggregate and thus would push up the artificial lawn. If you are aware of any issues regarding this problem then you should inform us before or during the survey.

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