Artificial grass for dogs! Why?


Simply put, artificial grass for dogs is a great idea and here are a few of the reasons why you should consider it.


Okay then, why is artificial grass for dogs such a great idea? Well, we are a nation of dog lovers and our lively little, or not so little, friends need to let off steam and energy or they can get unhealthy and unhappy. It is not always possible with our busy, modern lives to walk the dog as often as we would like and for many dogs the garden is a place where they could be enjoying themselves playing and doing their “business” in safety.

Unfortunately this can have an adverse affect on a natural grass lawn.

Dog mess, when initially scooped from the natural grass invariably wants to adhere itself to every blade of grass it has come into contact with. This then needs to be hosed down leaving the lawn sodden. A potential mud patch for your dog to play in!  Sound familiar? The dogs urine can also leave your natural grass lawn patchy from urine burn. The urine is a highly concentrated nitrogen liquid similar to ammonia or bleach.

When it rains, as invariably it does in the UK (moan), then the lawn can quickly become a mud bath. This means that the garden can quickly become out of bounds for your pets as you more than likely don’t want the dogs cutting up the wet lawn and dragging the mud through the house or you don’t want to have to be cleaning the dog after its spent an hour or so playing on the sodden muddy grass before letting them back in the house.

With artificial grass for dogs however these issues are greatly reduced. Dog mess can be removed far easier and cleaner. Just use the scooper as normal then hose down the area or use warm soapy water or both. This will allow the mess to wash through without leaving a soft area of lawn just waiting to be turned into a mud patch. The fact that you are able to use soapy water also renders the area cleaner. Another benefit of having artificial grass for dogs is that the lawn will not suffer from urine burn and therefore you wont be getting those patches of dead grass.

When it rains the artificial grass lawn isn’t left sodden and drains quickly so the dogs can get back to playing in the garden quicker and without the possibility of turning your lawn into a mud bath. No more muddy paws!

Here’s what one of our customers had to say. “I wanted artificial grass because I have dogs, and it is ideal for them as you don’t get muddy paw marks and the turf has a nice pile on it so they are happy to play and lie on it.”

An artificial grass installation is a cleaner environment and it’s much easier to maintain than a natural grass lawn. Your dogs can have access to your beautiful garden all year round without ruining your pleasure of having that well kept lawn look.

Just some of the reasons why artificial grass for dogs is such a great idea. Why not get in touch with us to arrange a free no obligation quote. It will transform your garden.