It is becoming apparent that the savvy amongst the hospitality industry are starting to see the benefits of artificial grass for pubs, hotels, restaurants and others. Entrances, beer gardens, patio areas, balconies, play areas, pool sides plus many more benefit from an all year round, luscious green grass look that requires a very low level of maintenance.

Nothing looks worse than a worn, muddy unkempt lawn so artificial grass for pubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes is a great way for providing a welcoming, well looked after, cared about feel to the areas that your potential customers will first see when visiting the venue.

An artificial grass area can really make a huge difference, especially where there is a high foot fall. No mud and no mess, no matter what the weather. That’s got to be a big bonus for both the venue and the visitors.

Alfresco areas and roof terraces are transformed and softened into comfortable outdoor seating areas rather than just a hard tarmac or concrete flagged area.

Play areas are turned into safe and clean areas with artificial grass, where the safety element can be enhanced with the use of a cushioned underlay, allowing customers children to play safely, without getting their shoes and clothes covered in muck. This helps your potential customers relax more with the result of visitors spending more time at the venue in turn developing your scope for increased revenue.

An artificial grass area does not only have to be green in appearance as there are many other primary colours available. This means areas can be transformed into colourful, vibrant, cheerful places to set a tone for your visitors.

It is easy to see with all these benefits why artificial grass for pubs, hotels, restaurants and indeed any other hospitality business is becoming so popular and why it is such a good investment for your business.