Artificial Grass Installation

Professional Artificial Grass Installation

We pride ourselves in the quality of work that we carry out and take great care to ensure that the entire artificial grass installation process is carried out with a professional yet friendly approach using high quality materials and installation processes.

We will endeavour to meet all our clients needs wherever and whenever possible.

The Process

The FREE no obligation quote

First step is for us to visit the artificial grass installation site to assess various elements such as the size of area in question, access issues, materials to be removed and to discuss your exact requirements, giving advice if and where necessary. We will bring with us samples of the various artificial grasses that we provide for you to look at and just as importantly, touch and feel. If you are comfortable with it we will take some photographs of the site to aid in the planning and costing of the artificial grass installation. Any landscaping features required can also be discussed at this stage.

It is important that you let us know at this stage of any known problems with wildlife such as moles, issues with Japanese Knotweed or buried cables and pipes that may interfere with the installation. If such information is provided additional preventative measures can be deployed and the installation method amended accordingly.

Once we have fully discussed your requirements and have all the relevant information we will go away and draw up a scaled plan in order to provide you with your FREE no obligation quote and time scale for the artificial grass installation. This quote can be provided in any way that best suits you, either email, text or phone call. We will then leave you with the quote and will not pester you for an answer. If you are happy with everything and do feel that you want us to go ahead with the installation then just let us know.

If you decide that it is not for you then it would be handy for us if you could please let us know. It helps us greatly with planning for other customers quotes.

The Installation

  1. Remove existing surface to approx. 70mm depth.
  2. Remove any vegetation, roots etc.
  3. Install any borders that may be required for installation *1.
  4. Infill area with Limestone T1 MOT aggregate to approx. 40mm depth.
  5. Compact MOT infill.
  6. Infill with Limestone grit sand to approx. 15mm depth.
  7. Compact grit sand.
  8. Screed entire area to remove any highs and lows.
  9. Install Geotextile weed membrane.
  10. Install your chosen artificial grass.
  11. Make any joins that may be required *2.
  12. Trim and secure artificial grass perimeters using 6″ galvanised pins, deck screws or polyurethane adhesive as required.
  13. Power brush artificial grass.
  14. Clear and tidy all work areas and remove any job waste.

*1 – The artificial grass installation requires strong retaining edging to maintain the integrity of the installation for years to come. We will endeavour to use any existing suitable edging (fencing, paths, paving etc) unless it is a specific requirement by you that they are replaced. If there are any areas that do not have any suitable edging then we will discuss and advise you as to the best alternatives.

*2 – Our artificial grasses come in 2m and 4m widths. If the installation area is an odd width, 5m or 9m for example then it will most likely be necessary to join two pieces or more of the artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Installation Layers

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What a great job and workmanship, the garden looks completely different.


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